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Klassische Orientteppiche in den Nationalmuseen Warschau und Krakau  


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TKF / ICOC Conference Tour Poland

18. September   –   23. September 2023


This year Polish Museums will celebrate the 100th  anniversary of the Turkish Republic. Special exhibitions will be staged in collaboration with Turkish Museums.  This celebration will surely prove to be of great significance. The TKF ( and the ICOC are therefore pleased to announce that a Conference Tour to Poland is being organised.

The Conference Tour Programme


 Krakow can easily be reached by train or plane (e.g. Ryanair, Austrian, etc.)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Check-in at the hotel in the centre of Krakow in the afternoon                                    Krakow

The Sky Hotel Krakow  is situated in close vicinity of the railway station and the old town. It proves to be particularly convenient if you arrive by train from an international destination or from Krakow airport.

Possibility to explore the Old Town including recommendation for restaurants



Programme in Krakow: 

National Museum Krakow

Konsciol Dominikanski

Czartoryski Museum                                                                                             


Royal Castle of  Wawel 


Train, First Class, from Krakow to Warsaw                                                                           Warsaw

The Novotel Warszaw Centrum is in convenient situated and close vicinity of the railway station and the National Museum                                                                                                         



National Museum Warsaw       exhibitions and lectures                                                   Warsaw



Bus to Ciechanow,  Romanticism Museum

Exhibition “Beauty and Prestige: Poland and The Ottoman Carpets”, lecture  

Bus back to Warsaw                                                                                                                 Warsaw  




End of the Tour and the Farewell. Possibility for sightseeing in the Old Town

The Conference Tour fee on the basis of double occupancy will be approximately Euro 990,-  a single room will come to Euro 1,290,- (it’s unfortunately too early at this point to be totally precise). 

This will include 1. Hotel **** accommodation, including breakfast i.e. 2 nights Krakow and 3 nights in Warsaw 2. transportation with trains and buses 3. entrance fees, various lectures and receptions. The language of the Conference Tour is English.


This Tour will not only encompass very interesting carpets and textiles, but should also generally appeal to art lovers as it will offer access to world-class treasures housed in those museums which are planned to be visited.


Attention limited number of participants  

an early, but not yet binding reservation, is highly recommended *

*  contact Peter Bichler:

The final call for registration will be sent out in May where participants that registered earlier will enjoy priority.


A most comprehensive and helpful general information about your trip to Poland you will find under



ICOC Conference Tour

Carpets and Collections of the Swiss Alpine Area


Following the success of the ICOC-Conference-Tour „Carpets and Collections of the Alpine Area” in 2019, the Austrian Society for Textile Art Research (TKF) and the Forum Textil- und Teppichkunst Basel (FTT) are pleased to announce the forthcoming


ICOC-Conference Tour


„Carpets and Collections of the Swiss Alpine Area“


to be held  in September 2024. This tour will take participants to little known museums, monasteries and outstanding private collections in the mountain regions of Switzerland.

As a result of the ICOC’s  longstanding close co-operation with museums, we will able to offer our participants privileged access to important collections of oriental carpets, Byzantine silks, medival tapestries and local textile art.

Our small and dedicated team is organising a diverse and inspiring tour starting in Zurich in September 2024 and will take participants to Basel, Bern, Gruyeres, Sion and then back to Zurich all located in the stunning mountainous landscape of the Swiss Alps.

Expert lectures in English will accompany the various exhibitions and sights.

Participants will be able to learn more about the details of the tour soon as we plan to release our website later on this year.

It is our dedicated goal to spotlight for both the international and national communities, outstanding collections and artefacts of this Alpine Region.


Esther Sackmann Rageth  Forum Textil und Teppichkunst

Peter Bichler    TKF    ICOC
Michael Buddeberg ICOC      




We will make sure that our international participants will be able to travel in comfort and fully enjoy the unique Swiss hospitality and there will be no need to take                      your hiking boots along with you!




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